Really going for that whole back-page-of-the-paperback look.

Really going for that whole back-page-of-the-paperback look.


About Me

My name is Ananda Dillon and I just like words and the way they string together.

I live and type away in LA. I thought I wanted to make movies but turns out I like watching them more. And generally dissecting them with word-based scrutiny.

Living as an older millennial in a recession, I've allowed fate to drag me around a bit in my career. I've worked for a film producer; edited screenwriters and improved their scripts for sale; posed shoes for catalog photographers; and developed sales flyers for a real estate company right up until the housing bubble burst. 

Somehow I landed in higher ed where I was let loose to craft messages, both visually and verbally, to connect with the ambitious and overly-stimulated average millennial. 

Any writer or editor in this digital age is also a marketer. We sell our voices and the voices of the brand we represent. We adapt according to analytics and trends. We acquiesce to the social media masses. But more than anything we chase originality. 

I'd love to chase something original for you.

Way Too Indie
Comic Book Resources
Ranker (I was a full-time editor, not a writer, so chances are you've read an article that was my idea, but written by another capable writer)
MoviePilot ( longer exists, but some of the best of the hundreds of articles I wrote are in my portfolio)
Podcasts: I've been known to chat about all that film, tv, and book trivia rolling around in my head.

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